Stuck with a “Safepal Transaction Under Review”? Beware of Scams and Learn How to Resolve

Stuck with a Safepal Transaction Under Review

Are you facing a frustrating situation with a Safepal transaction stuck under review? And to make matters worse, you’re being asked to deposit 10% of the total amount to resolve the issue? Beware, as this could be a scam! In this article, we’ll guide you on how to safely resolve the “Safepal transaction under review” issue without falling prey to fraudulent schemes.

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Understanding the Issue

When a transaction is under review, it typically means that there is a delay or a problem with the transaction being broadcast onto the blockchain. This can happen for several reasons, including network congestion, insufficient gas fees, or issues with the transaction details.

Steps to Resolve a Transaction Under Review

  1. Check Transaction Details:
    • Ensure that all the transaction details are correct. This includes the recipient’s address, the amount, and the network. Mistakes in these details can cause the transaction to fail or be delayed.
  2. Verify Gas Fees:
    • Make sure you have enough gas fees in your wallet. For example, transferring ERC20 tokens requires ETH for gas fees, while BEP20 tokens require BNB. Insufficient gas fees can prevent the transaction from being processed.
  3. Use SafePal Gas Station:
    • SafePal offers a Gas Station feature that allows users to buy small amounts of crypto for gas fees. This can be a convenient way to ensure you have enough gas fees for your transactions.
  4. Check Blockchain Explorer:
    • Use a public blockchain explorer to verify the status of your transaction. If the transaction has not been broadcast, it may still be in the source address, and you can attempt to retransfer the funds.
  5. Contact SafePal Support:
    • If the transaction details are correct and the gas fees are sufficient, but the transaction is still under review, contact SafePal support +1 (888) 671-6441. Provide them with the necessary details, including the crypto name, network, TXID, and a screenshot of your wallet balance.

Beware of Scams

It is crucial to be cautious when dealing with support requests. Some users have reported being asked to join Telegram groups or deposit additional funds to resolve their issues. SafePal’s official support channels do not require users to deposit funds to resolve transaction issues. If you encounter such requests, it is likely a scam. Always verify the authenticity of the support request and contact SafePal through their official channels.

SafePal Support Response Time

SafePal’s support team typically responds to tickets within 24-48 hours. They are known for their prompt and efficient assistance, as evidenced by positive user reviews. If you have submitted a ticket, be patient and wait for their response.


Don’t fall victim to scams! If you’re facing a “Safepal transaction under review” issue, follow the safe resolution steps outlined above. Remember, Safepal will never ask you to deposit money or share personal information through unsecured channels. Stay safe, and get your transaction resolved without hassle!

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