How to Restore Your SafePal App Wallet Using Keystore: A Simple Guide

How to Restore Your SafePal App Wallet Using Keystore

Restore Your SafePal App Wallet Using Keystore

Have you encountered the need to restore your SafePal App wallet using Keystore? Fret not! Follow these user-friendly steps for a hassle-free recovery process.

Step 1: Download the SafePal App

Begin by downloading the latest SafePal App from or scan the QR code provided.

Step 2: Set up the Security Password

Create a secure 8-character alphanumeric Security Password to manage settings. Remember, SafePal doesn’t store your private keys, so keep this password safe.

Step 3: Set up Fingerprint and Pattern (Optional)

Enhance security with optional fingerprint and pattern features for effortless transactions. Skip if not needed.

Step 4: Recover the Wallet

Access ‘Software Wallet’ → ‘Import Wallet‘ → ‘Import via Keystore.’ Choose your blockchain, enter the Security Password from Step 2, input Keystore, and name your wallet. Click ‘Import Wallet.’

Step 5: Complete the Wallet Recovery

Congratulations! Your wallet is now recovered. Verify by checking the address and security suffix. If incorrect, double-check the Keystore.

Ensure a smooth recovery process with these steps, keeping your digital assets secure. Happy wallet management!

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