How to Connect the SafePal Software Wallet to Symbiosis?

How to Connect the SafePal Software Wallet to Symbiosis

Connect the SafePal Software Wallet to Symbiosis

Symbiosis stands as a pioneering cross-chain AMM DEX, seamlessly amalgamating liquidity from various networks including L1s, L2s, EVM, and non-EVM chains.This guide aims to walk you through the process of linking Symbiosis on the Telos network with your SafePal Software Wallet, facilitating effortless asset swaps across diverse networks.

Below are the steps outlined in this guide:

Step 1: Ready Your SafePal Software Wallet

Begin by ensuring your SafePal App is up-to-date. You can download the latest version from the provided link. For assistance in setting up your wallet, refer to helpful tutorials such as creating a SafePal software wallet, sending crypto using the SafePal Software Wallet, and recovering your wallet via private key.

Step 2: Access the Symbiosis DApp

Upon launching the SafePal App, navigate to the DApp Store and locate the Symbiosis mini-program. Click on the ‘Symbiosis’ icon to proceed.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Carefully review the provided reminder message, then accept and confirm. Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and select ‘SafePal’ wallet from the options provided.

Step 4: Confirmation

Await the completion of the connection process. Once done, you’ll receive a prompt confirming the successful connection of your SafePal Software Wallet to Symbiosis. Your wallet address will then appear on Symbiosis, signaling readiness to commence trading.

About SafePal Wallet:

Established in 2018, SafePal offers a holistic suite of crypto wallet solutions including hardware, mobile app, and browser extension wallets. Functioning as a non-custodial platform, SafePal empowers users to securely navigate the decentralized realm, providing access to opportunities while maintaining control over their assets.

With a user base exceeding 10 million globally and support for 15 languages, SafePal facilitates management, swapping, trading, and yield generation across 100+ blockchains and their respective tokens and NFTs.

SafePal Wallet Ecosystem:

Mobile Software Wallet: This free application enables users to manage, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies conveniently on their smartphones, ensuring seamless exploration of the DeFi landscape.

SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet: Offering EAL 5+ secure protection, the S1 hardware wallet keeps private keys offline, fortified with advanced security features to ward off online threats and malicious actors.

SafePal Browser Extension: Compatible with major browsers, the extension integrates with hardware or mobile wallets, allowing one-click import from other popular wallet brands for enhanced convenience and security.

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By following these steps, you can effortlessly Connect your SafePal Software Wallet with Symbiosis, unlocking a seamless trading experience across diverse blockchain networks.

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